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Hello, Future-Congratulations for Shandong Sino Steel Co , Ltd being famed as most influential demonstration base of Alibaba

 Alibaba 2017 Global Trade Starts Alibaba North Area Convention was held in the Binjiang Park of Alibaba in November 27th -28, 2017. At that time, more than 500 outstanding suppliers from all professions and trades in northern China gathered in Alibaba.



The convention has gathered many outstanding corporate representatives from all the country. Alibaba executives interpret the development trend of the international e-business industry and the direction of Alibaba in the future. As one of the most widely used e-commerce platforms in the world, Ali is committed to making more excellent Chinese suppliers accepted by buyers all over the world. Shandong Sino Steel Co., Ltd was also invited to attend. On the meeting, they discussed the future trend for e-business industry, invited outstanding enterprises from varied industries to share managing experiences, and selected some demonstrative companies with certain industrial influences.





       Shandong Sino Steel Co., Ltd is hereby honored as “demonstration base with most industrial influences” and conferred a medal on the meeting. Congratulations! Shandong Sino Steel Co., Ltd was grateful for being invited for the Alibaba North Area Convention and for being conferred this honor. We would be fighting along, and we believe future is right round the corner.


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