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Tianjin galvanizing: price stability deal general

On the 3rd, the price of galvanizing in Tianjin market was stable. As of the draft, Tianjin galvanized Angang Tiantie has spent 1.0mm x 1250 x C reported 4080 yuan / ton, Hebei Tanggang 1.0mm x 1250 x C without flowers 4100 yuan / ton, Shougang flowerless 1.0mm x 1250 x C reported 4280 yuan / ton;

Today, black futures rose slightly, Tianjin galvanized spot prices temporarily stabilized. Steel mills, due to the impact of export orders, a small number of steel mills in North China have been partially overhauled. In terms of transactions, market demand has been weak in recent days, and transactions are general. Tianjin area originally daily turnover of about 1000 tons of large households, the recent daily turnover of about 600 tons. Overall, inventory is high, market procurement is not active, is expected next week in Tianjin market galvanized prices or weak operation.

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