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Nanchang coating plate: price stability deal general

Nanchang News: 28 Nanchang coating price temporarily stable, the transaction in general. Price: galvanized wusteel without flowers 1.0mm x 1000 x C reported 4240 yuan / ton, with the specifications of Shanli quote 4150 yuan / ton, Baosteel Yellowstone reported 4140 yuan / ton. Color coating 0.45mm x 1000 x C Masteel reported 6200 yuan / ton, Baosteel Yellowstone 0.45mm x 1000 x C reported 6670 yuan / ton.

Market, the current overall market demand in general, traders are mostly flat prices, prices are more stable, from the inventory point of view, due to market demand in general, this week inventory basically maintained at a normal high level, peripheral markets, Wuhan, Changsha and other places prices are basically stable, shipping in general, foreign customers also have the intention to Nanchang market inquiry. Overall, in the short term Nanchang coating price to stability-oriented.

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